Sunday, January 6, 2008

Moderating Blogger Comments

Today I noticed a strange comment to one of my blog posts that I hadn't approved. At first I thought my blog has been hacked and some spammer or malicious writer posted this comment or inserted malicious links/IFrame tags into my posts. I quickly checked all my posts for these (by clicking on "edit post", then "edit Html", and checking each "http href"and searching for "iframe") and found everything to be clean. I then looked at the comment...

While hovering my mouse cursor on the hyper link "here it is", I see the URL "hxxp://" in the status bar at the bottom of my Firefox browser window. Clearly, this is a case of SPAM.

Now how did this comment get into my post without me approving it first? Well, I found out that my comments were actually "NOT moderated"! I thought I had turned on moderation of comments, but apparently I didn't. So some spammer simply posted such a comment (with a link to their phishing website) to all blogger blogs that do not have comment moderation turned on. They probably do this via a script in order to reach a multitude of blogs.

My next step was to simply delete the comment and turn on moderation of comments.

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