Saturday, November 17, 2007

Emerging Malware Trends

Mobile Malware

With the growth in modern mobile platforms and devices, newer avenues are being explored in terms of malware delivery.

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Here are a few resources that show the introduction of malware in the areas of mobile platforms:

An overview of mobile device security by Kaspersky Labs introduces recently discovered worms and viruses on the Symbian, Windows CE, Palm OS and Linux platforms for devices such as PDAs, Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile, Cell Phones, SmartPhones, Handhelds, etc.

McAfee has an interesting white paper as well about mobile malware - threats and prevention.

An interesting presentation by Dr. Vesselin Bontchev at the Virus Bulletin 2007 conference is about the Virusability of modern mobile devices.

Another interesting paper by Peter Szor (security architect at Symantec Security Response) in June 2007 edition of Virus Bulletin magazine introduces to attacks on Linux iPod.

It is also worth mentioning of a "quality control process" gone bad on part of Apple Inc. that shipped a small number of its video iPods with an old Windows virus.

Threats and viruses on WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled devices have already been predicted quite a few years ago. Viruses have also been found on the PalmOS (such as Phage and Vapor).

There are quite a few security companies offering anti-malware solutions for mobile platforms. Prominent among them are:

- Symantec's mobile security for handhelds (Symbian and Windows mobile)

- McAfee's VirusScan mobile

- Trend Micro's PC-cillin for mobile

- F-secure's mobile anti-virus

- Kaspersky's mobile anti-virus

- Airscanner - is freely available for personal and non-commercial use.

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